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PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2009 2:30 am 
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The following details the installation of a Rear View Camera system on my 2005 24RB. I had thought about making this installation for about a year before I decided to bite the bullet and get started.
I ordered a 56CHSN Rear View Camera Kit from (NOTE: The model 56CHSN is no longer offered, however the model 56CHNV looks to be about the same, therefore the installation would be same.)

This consisted of a color monitor w/mounting base, a color camera w/audio and infrared for low light situations, a 65 ft. cable that runs between the camera and the monitor, and a smaller cable that runs between the monitor and the 12 volt receptacle. This plug-in operates the monitor and the camera so is the only one needed.
I wanted the camera to be high and more or less centered on the back of the RV. With this in mind I taped the camera in several locations before I decided to mount the camera just to the passenger side of the center running light, this placed it centered over the window.
I had determined that this would allow the cable to enter just to the rear of the roll bar that is accessible at the back of the upper bath cabinet. The fabric covering can be pulled away from the roll bar to allow access to the area the cable would enter.

I drilled attach holes for the camera base, applied sealant to the base and mounting screws and installed the camera. I drilled a hole for the cable in the beveled edge just below the camera. This hole must be big enough for the cable connector to pass through. (This makes the hole larger than the cable dia. so I used a rubber grommet around the cable to fill the hole.)

I inserted the cable connector through the hole then went inside and pulled the cable through the cabinet .I then routed the cable along the roll bar to the cavity behind the shower stall. It took some doing to get the cable to the point that it could be reached through the access door at the bottom of this cavity. I taped the cable to the end of straighted out clothes hanger and finally got it to the point that I could reach it and pull it through. This was the most difficult part of the routing process for me.
After a lot of checking to make sure I knew where I would come out, I drilled a hole through the floor, inboard of the waste tank vent tube, and routed the cable down through this hole to the underside of the RV. I pulled out enough cable to reach the front of the RV and then routed the cable along the drivers side frame. For the most part I was able to route with existing wiring and route through some of the existing wire clamps. I did cover the cable with a protective covering in areas where it was exposed to weather/debris. 
I had decided that I wanted to locate the monitor on the drivers side of the center console.
Now I had to decide how to get the cable inside to this location. After a lot of looking I noticed a rubber grommet located beneath the drivers side entry step. I opened the drivers door and inspected this step and discovered that the black plastic cover could be pried up and removed.  I removed the cover, the grommet appeared to fill an unused hole. I removed the grommet, cut a slit, inserted the cable through the grommet and the hole (I had to file this opening somewhat to get the cable connector through) and work the cable around an existing wire bundle..
I then removed the cover that ran inside the door frame from the floor to the underside of the dash, (This cover can be pulled loose and snapped back in place) and the cover that ran below the dash from the door frame to the engine cowl. (You could probably route beneath the dash without removing this cover). I routed the cable along with existing wiring (tight fit) to the underside of the dash, then along the underside of the dash to the center console using wire ties and clamps. 
I coiled and stowed the unused length of cable in the cavity behind the shower, rechecked the cable routing along the frame, sealed all holes and around any grommets, and reinstalled the covers.

The monitor came with a metal mount that could be attached with screws or an adhesive pad. I wanted to mount the monitor in such a way that I would not have to drill any holes in case I ever wanted to remove it. I thought about using the adhesive pad on the console but found that the monitor would cover the radio controls.  I decided the the perfect place would be to have the monitor to overhang the drivers side of the console. With this in mind I fabricated a base for the mount that fit into the drivers side cup-holder. 
I made the base of 1 in. clear pine. I first cut a round plug that fit the cup-holder opening and tapered the sides to match the taper of the cup-holder. I then cut another piece of the 1 in. pine to fit the contour of the dash and glued it to the plug in a manner to allow it to overhang to the drivers side of the console. I then cut an approx. 2.5 in hole and a couple of 3/8 in. holes through the base and plug to access the cavity of the cup-holder. I then sanded and painted the pine base black to match the console. I then cut a 3/4 in. strip of non-slip shelf liner and attached it to the tapered section of the plug with spray adhesive. This allows the plug a very snug fit into the cup-holder. Since installation I have encountered no problems with the plug vibrating loose, and I have been on some pretty rough roads. I then attached the monitor mount to the pine base with screws. 
 I stow the excess cable (from the monitor to the 12 volt plug-in) in the 2.5 in. hole and use the 3/8 in. holes to hold a pen and a tire gauge.
I made this installation about 18 months ago and as I look back I'm sure it was not as simple as it sounds here and I'm sure there are other perhaps simpler methods. I think the most important thing is to plan and take one step at a time.

Jerry Lingle
539 Angle Lane
Andover, KS 67002-9036
Phone: 316-733-0989

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File comment: Camera location and Cable entry
Photo #1.jpg
Photo #1.jpg [ 78.57 KiB | Viewed 6051 times ]
File comment: Camera location and Cable entry
Photo #2.jpg
Photo #2.jpg [ 87.2 KiB | Viewed 6051 times ]
File comment: Cable routing in area behind shower stall
Photo #3.jpg
Photo #3.jpg [ 123.57 KiB | Viewed 6051 times ]
File comment: Cable entry beneath drivers door step (arrow points rearward)
Photo #4.jpg
Photo #4.jpg [ 158.68 KiB | Viewed 6051 times ]
File comment: 3 Covers that were removed for cable routing
Photo #5.jpg
Photo #5.jpg [ 112.57 KiB | Viewed 6051 times ]
File comment: Cable connection located above console
Photo #6.jpg
Photo #6.jpg [ 99.18 KiB | Viewed 6051 times ]
File comment: Monitor mounted on base
Photo #7.jpg
Photo #7.jpg [ 127.75 KiB | Viewed 6051 times ]
File comment: Monitor and base installed in cup-holder
Photo #8.jpg
Photo #8.jpg [ 158.53 KiB | Viewed 6052 times ]

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