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E450 Automatic Transmission: Delayed Shift in Transmission
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Author:  CowtownCamper [ Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:05 pm ]
Post subject:  E450 Automatic Transmission: Delayed Shift in Transmission

Does any know how to resolve an issue where the transmission is slow to shift into forward or reverse on the Ford E450 with V10 engine.

I have a 2002 26'RSB V10-gas - Automatic. The engine requires a very high RPM to back up and has a several second delay before the forward motion begins after shifting into Drive. The condition started after a 1 week trip through the mountains.

I have searched several Ford E450 RV forms and Ford Truck sites and about the only think I can find is that "it" happens.
Can someone offer a recommendation on the best way to deal with this?

Here is what I have found ...
Ford E450 V10 with Torque Converter, Automatic Transmission

Harsh or Delayed Forward or Reverse Engagement:

This could be caused by a sticking line pressure control (PC-A) solenoid. Typically the line pressure will be fluctuating wildly (up to 500 PSI!). To service, first remove and inspect the external cooler line filter. If it contains fine gray metallic debris. If metal is found, the source is most likely a defective reverse planetary pinion shaft that is coming out of the carrier and contacting the case or adjacent components. The transmission will need to be disassembled and repaired as needed or replaced.

If little or no debris is found replace the line pressure control solenoid with P/N 4C3Z-7G383-AA.

This repair will require removing the solenoid harness, so a new harness sealing o-ring (P/N 3C3Z-7Z276-AA) will need to be installed. In some cases the solenoid body will need to be removed from the trans to remove the harness and solenoid. In this case the solenoid body gasket (basic P/N 7C155, trans tag number needed) will be needed as well. Note: Do not loosen the 10mm head bolts on the solenoid body. Only loosen the 8mm head bolts.

If the solenoid has been replaced and the condition it still present, suspect a contamination issue of the solenoid or a sticking pressure relief valve

Author:  CowtownCamper [ Sat Feb 03, 2018 12:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: E450 Automatic Transmission: Delayed Shift in Transmiss

Update. The transmission locked up and would go only in reverse. HD tow truck required to tow to transmission shop. Rebuild of tranny was required.

Suggest driving to shop if anyone has the slipping transmission issue. Better to deal with it at the first sign of trouble.

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