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Photo Posting Rules & Hints
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Author:  bfadmin [ Sun May 14, 2006 2:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Photo Posting Rules & Hints

For those that register on this forum, in addition to being able to post new topics and to reply to existing posts, you also have the option of adding photos and documents to your posts. Photos in the following file formats can be posted as attachments: gif, jpeg, jpg and png. Please note that one of these four files extensions must be added to the end of the photo file name for the attachment of the photo to be successful. Documents can be posted as attachments but only in the pdf file format. For this forum to accept any of these five types of attachment files, the file type extension must be part of the file name, either hidden or not hidden.

Forum rules limit the number of attachments to 3 and each of these attachments can be of a file size no larger than 2.0 MB.

The maximum width of a posted photo should be 720 pixels which will make the photo 10.0 inches wide based on the standard display resolution of 72 pixels/inch. Any posted photo that is more than 10.0 inches wide will cause anyone browsing our website using a 12" computer screen to have to use the left and right scroll buttons in order to see all of the text in both your post and all other posts made to that particular topic.

Please reduce the size of any photo to be posted to meet this width requirement using such programs as Adobe PhotoDeluxe or PhotoShop (or any of the software choices listed below) before posting your photos. For example, a 6" wide by 4" high digital photo that has a resolution of 300 pixels/inch will, when posted on the forum, will open up with a width of 25" wide by 16.67" high causing the complete forum page containing this photo to be very wide necessitating anyone browsing that page to have to scroll excessively to view any text content on the page including the posted photo itself.

If you don't have some sort of photo editing software on your computer, I would offer these possibilities that can be used to resize photos. What you want to be able to do is take any .jpg or .jpeg photo and reduce it's resolution to 72 pixels/inch and reduce the size of the photo to be no larger in width than 10.0" (720 pixels) when posting that photo on our website.

A) Image Optimizer - the following website works well for resizing photos and is very easy to use:
B) picresize - the following website works very similar to the one above but is not quite as easy to use:
C) Image Resizer - this free Windows XP add-on software patch is available from this Microsoft website link: Locate the program on the list of programs listed on this webpage. Download and install it. Thanks to club member Ray Hansen, this program for Windows XP computers is probably the simplest photo resizer program I have found; it is free and simple to use but is it limited to only one function and that is to resize photos
D) - This photo resizing software for Windows PC computers can be downloaded from:
E) Microsoft Picture It - this software for Windows XP and newer computers is offered as a separate program in various newer versions of Microsoft Office and is also offered in a separate program called Microsoft Digital Image 2006
F Microsoft PictureManager - for Windows computers
G) Apple iPhoto - comes standard with Apple Mac computers running OS 10 software. In my opinion this program works but is confusing to use for the simple task of photo resizing

Born Free Leap'n Lions RV Club members needing assistance posting photos and/or document attachments should contact a website administrator (bfadmin) for help. Send an E-mail to or click on the email button below. Also as an option, you can attach any oversized photo(s) in an email sent to the website administrator and I will reduce them to the proper size and either email them back to you or post them within your post for you. For anyone not a current member of our Born Free Leap'n Lions RV Club, the administrator charges a $25.00 fee to resize your photos and post them for you.

The forum administrator (bfadmin) may either delete or reformat any excessive width photos to meet the maximum 10.0" (720 pixel) width requirement. Please help the website administrator by reducing large width photos before posting them.

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